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Most fuel-injected vehicles require a tune-up at 100,000 miles and carbureated vehicles every 30,000 miles. Our tune-up includes the following:

Spark Plugs

Spark Plug Wires

Distributor Cap

Ignition Rotor

Compression Check

Fuel Injector Cleaner

Upper Intake Manifold Cleaning

Fuel Filter


Our vehicle service offers much more than a "quick-lube" shop. Our ASE certified technicians check your vehicle from bumper to bumper for any needed repairs or safety concerns. Our oil change includes much more than just changing the oil and filter. We check tire pressure, motor mounts, belts, hoses, steering components, lights, fluids and more. We would like to give you a clear picture of the mechanical health of your vehicle before any repairs are performed.

As more and more automaker's expand their diesel fleet, we strive to keep up with training on proper service procedures.  In addition to fluid and filter changes, we also have the ability to service the emission systems on your diesel. Today's diesels are running cleaner than ever before; however, these systems need regular maintenance. A well maintained diesel can provide it's owner with many years of operation.


At Welty's Auto Service, Inc. , our goal is to help you keep your vehicle running to your satisfaction. Vehicle maintenance is more important now than ever before. Today's powertrain management systems operate on close tolerances, meaning that if maintenance is overlooked it will cause serious problems.

Trust us to perform your regular recommended services to extend the life of your vehicle. We use only high quality factory recommended fluids and filters.

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