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Steering and suspension failures pose a very serious safety concern. We feel very strongly about using only the best quality parts available to repair these systems. Tire wear, poor handling and noises are good indicators of steering and suspension issues.


At Welty's Auto Service, we understand that trust is earned. We'd like to earn yours, come see us today. We are a family friendly automotive repair shop focused on meeting your repair needs. It's a "no brainer;" no repairs unless approved by you. We all want our dollars to stretch as far as they can and vehicle repairs can be expensive.  Our goal is to help keep your vehicle running safely for as long as you own it. Our staff will give you an prioritized estimate for recommended services to help you stay on the road without breaking the bank. Not all vehicle repair shops are created equally. We strive to use the best parts possible which ensure a long lasting repair. We have two, ASE Advanced Level  Specialist Master Technicians that make sure all repairs are completed properly. Or if a new vehicle is what you need, we perform a full pre-purchase inspection to help you find the vehicle that's right for you.




Electrical problems can be frustrating. They can also be a challenge to accurately diagnose. With today's vehicles having more and more electrical components, it is essential to choose a repair shop that has the training and experience to properly diagnose these components. We pride ourselves in staying current with electrical issues and using industry leading tools to help provide an accurate diagnosis.



We are capable of taking on any engine repair job whether it is regular maintenance or complete engine replacement. There is no job too big or too small. Our choice of quality parts means that you will have fewer breakdowns.



Drivetrain components transfer your engine horsepower into vehicle motion. These include your transmission, transaxle, transfer case, drive shaft and differential. These systems are faced with tremendous loads and stresses. You want to make sure that the repairs to this system will handle the demands placed upon them.



Brakes are the most important safety system on your vehicle. Today's brake systems are far more involved than they used to be. With anti-lock brake and traction control systems, comes sensitive sensors. These need to be repaired by a repair shop with the training and experience to avoid creating further problems. 

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